Hospitality Mode TV

Vestel Hospitality TVs allows individuals to "control TVs" via IP or via Coax network, an external box is not needed for management. Any content can be delivered directly to TVs through data cables or coaxial cables. Hybrid solution is also possible for delivering TV channels over coaxial cables (DVB S/T/C), for sites which has existing TV distribution systems but desires additional advantages.

Built-in STB

Built-in STB is a term when a specific solution does not require an additional Set-Top-Box to run. The solution software is embedded into Hospitality TV’s inside memory. This has two advantages; ensuring one Remote Controller to manage every aspect of TV, providing aesthetics as there won’t be any Set-Top-Box in front of TV.

Data Privacy

Ability to clear all privacy data for guests prevents danger of leaving private information for the next guest. Every guest will be safely entering their personal details (email address, social media logins etc.)

SoftAP Feature

Nowadays businesses are trying to find effective ways to increase their Wi-Fi Coverage. Hospitality mode enabled TVs may extend your wired network into wireless by using their existing Wi-Fi adaptors. With a well coverage planning, you may reduce significant quantity of Wi-Fi access points in your building.

Miracast & Wireless Display & DLNA

You can control your Hospitality TV with your mobile devices wirelessly. It's possible to send multimedia contents from your devices to your TV in order to view them on a large TV screen. Miracast & Wireless Display technology projects your entire mobile screen simultaneously, whereas DLNA only allows media contents to be projected.

Remote Management - Serial & LAN Commands

Advanced RS232 & LAN commands gives you 250+ commands to manage TVs remotely over Serial connection or TCP/IP socket. There are various categories; Audio, Video, Browser, Filesystem, Network, Picture, Program Table, Media Browser etc., all categories have lots of specific commands. These commands can also be managed through HTML/JS API.

USB Cloning & Network Cloning

USB cloning allows you to copy the settings of one TV to all other TV units in an easier way, prevents you from dealing with time-consuming installations. For instance, you can copy the settings or channel list of one TV to high amounts of TV by using USB cloning. By this way, you can simply standardize all TVs without spending a lot of time. USB Cloning can be managed in front of TV operation or remotely over TCP/IP socket.

3rd Party Integrator Support

Hospitality TVs have option to let the 3rd party integrators run their application natively. Thanks to Built-in STB feature, you can use various different Hospitality solutions with only minor configuration.

Specification Sheet Commercial Datasheet
Brand Vestel
Screen Size 65" / 164cm
Segment Mid-Range
Design Code 65660
Chassis (Board) MB230
General Video
Resolution 3840x2160
Dynamic Contrast Ratio 100,000:1
Aspect Ratio 16:9, 14:9, 4:3, Cinema
Brightness (cd/m2) 300
Viewing Angle 178º (H) 178º (V)
Progressive Scan Yes
IP Channel Tuning Multicast Unicast
Tuning Systems PAL/SECAM DVB-T2/C/S2
Digital Noise Reduction Yes
Audio Output 2X12W RMS (%10 THD)
Front Speaker Not Available
Dolby Audio Dolby Audio Processing + Dolby Atmos
Invisible Speaker Yes
Equalizer (5 Band) Yes
Bathroom Speaker Yes
Auto Volume Lever (AVL) Yes
Sound Type DTS HD + DTS TruSurround
Carrier Mute Yes
Built-in System
Wireless Display Miracast Intel WiDi
SCART Optional
VGA (PC In: D-sub15) Yes
CI+ Yes
LAN - Ethernet Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
YPbPr Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Invisible Speaker Yes
Audio Output 2X12W RMS (%10 THD)
Equalizer ( 5 Band ) Yes
Carrier Mute Yes
RJ12 Yes
Digiguest IP HotelTV system Optional
Information Services Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Digiguest Coax HotelTV system Optional
Digiguest Basic HotelTV system Yes
Auto Program Sorting Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Welcome Message (Splash image) Digiguest (IP & Coax)
USB Clonning Yes
DVB-S/S2/C/T/T2 Yes
Enable/Disable Installation Menus Yes
Smart Portal If Internet Available
Auto TV Off / Auto Sleep Yes
DRM Options PlayReady, Widevine, Marlin
Anti Theft Battery System Yes
Prison Mode Yes
Wake-up Alarm / Sleep Timer Digiguest (IP & Coax)
USB Media Player Yes
Smart TV features If Internet Available
Hospital Mode Yes
Open Browser Yes
Power Save mode (Energy Saving) Yes
Electronic Program Guide Now + Next EPG
Hospitality Configurations (Up to 20 features) Yes
VESA Compatible M6 400x200
Auto Data Erase Yes
Swivel Stand Optional
Welcome Logo (Image while Opening TV) Yes
Bootlogo (Image while Cold Restart) Yes
Multi IR (RC Mapping) Yes
Advanced Features (Digiguest HotelTV) Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Built-In Solution (No extra RC, STB) Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Soft AP Feature Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Centralized Management Server (CMS) Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Language Support (Up to 26 Languages) Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Quick Installation Tools (Room Registering) Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Hospitality UI (Customized HomePage) Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Intro-Promotional Hotel Video Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Video On Demand Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Property Management System (PMS) Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Mixed Channel List (DVB-T2/C/S2, IP, Analog) Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Flexible Channel Editor Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Channel Sorting for Guest Nationality Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Sending Messages (Text & Multimedia) Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Program Sorting Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Customizable SmartTV Apps Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Advertisement Options Banner & Logo & Image Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Maps Interaction & Nearby Services & Taxi Digiguest (IP & Coax)
Two-way Communication (Feedback Mechanism) Digiguest IP Only
IPTV & OTT Channel Tuning Digiguest IP Only
Room Service Ordering Digiguest IP Only
Instantaneous Response from TV Digiguest IP Only
Gathering Statistics Digiguest IP Only
Power Cable Yes
Stand Yes
Stand Mount Kit Yes
Screws Yes
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.