Promising higher impact visibility for every indoor environment, Vestel is set to overcome the challenges presented by on-site lighting with the launch of its Extra Bright PDX Digital Signage. Designed to suit a wider variety of verticals, the 55-75” series enables business owners to optimize the visibility of any on-screen content, offering 55” and 75” Full HD displays with a striking 2,500 Nit brightness level and a 75” PDX1000 UHD display with an eye-catching 1000 Nits.

Location Location

Ideal for almost every environment from bright, sunlit foyers and offices to window showcases and mirrored fitting rooms, the displays can be installed in landscape or portrait mode to suit the space. They also ensure 24/7 operation, which makes them ideal for use in quick service restaurants.

Offering native contrast ratios of up to 5,000:1 in the case of the 55” display, they ensure incredible clarity and colour vibrancy, allowing more information to be absorbed at a glance. Ideal for menu boards and flight displays, they offer sharp, 3-D like picture clarity from even the closest viewing distances.

Out-of-the-Box Solution

With QuadCore SoC technology, they support hassle-free communications, allowing users to access content-based management systems, online as well as offline. Offering LAN or RS- 232 control, the displays also enable users to set a core range of scheduling functionality from any location. This System-on-Chip technology also supports, API so that users have the option of developing their own applications.

OPS Compatibility

Thanks to their OPS compatibility with Windows and Android PC modules, all three of the PDX displays can provide a scalable and future-proof solution that is compatible with most software.

IR Touch Control

Offering the possibility of an interactive signage solution, the 1000 Nit display also comes with the option of an infrared touch screen overlay, which makes it ideal for use with features, such as NFC tags for POS applications.

Fuss-free Digital Marketing

With features, such as USB Auto-Launch and secure USB socket, the displays are built to ensure that any uploaded USB content always displays instantly and runs without interruption. Their pixel shifting technology further improves their reliability, helping to reduce the risk of residual image burn-in.

Of the launch, UK Head of the Vestel B2B Division, Mark Dew, comments, “Rivalling the brightness of some outdoor signage, our PDX Series is designed to open up the market to a wider demographic. The trend for open-plan, all-glass foyers have made high brightness increasingly relevant. As well as ensuring legibility in almost any lighting conditions, they help to set the desired ambience, bringing branded experiences to life in a wider variety of applications.”